I am so Angry its Difficult to Type. An eBay, Paypal Story

Paypal is fucking me over! Today was one more phone call with a Paypal Customer “Service” rep. I put service in quotes because Paypal service is a joke. It started with me selling a camera This all started when I sold my Sony camera on eBay in October. The customer had the camera for two weeks then emailed me and said it was broken and he wanted a full refund. Obviously I said no. So he escalated this to a dispute on eBay. I sent documentation to eBay showing that Continue Reading →

December Summary and Resetting my Travel Clock

Resetting how I Calculate my Travel Time I decided i’m going to start counting my actual travel time from the start of 2015. I know that cuts out a month of my real travel time, but it makes things so much easier to remember. So for this article I am redoing my Week 53 travel update. It’s like a strange time twist that will be going on for the next two weeks as real life catches up to how I want it to be. Try not to feel nauseous it Continue Reading →

Keirs Travels: Week 54 update. Shit I lost a hard drive.

Or, how I keep shooting myself in the foot. Another post with out photos. But this time there is a good reason. Last night I arrived in Germany. The plan is to spend two weeks here before heading off to Granada, Spain. I was going to write this post last night. However, as I was setting up my computer I noticed that I couldn’t find my main hard drive. The one I keep all my photos stored on. I remember packing it in the morning in Paris. At no time Continue Reading →

Keirs Travel: Week 53 Update

I’m already about 6 beers in so I hope this makes sense. It seems appropriate that I only really start doing weekly updates after I have been traveling for an entire year already. Well, i’m trying a lot of things I never tried before so why not. So i’m in Amsterdam. I haven’t gone into any of the “coffee shops”. I figure I spent so much of my life completely stoned that there is not much of a thrill to be stoned here. So instead i’m trying to get some Continue Reading →

December Travel Plans

The end of the year is creeping up and December is quickly moving along. It’s time to declare plans for travel and to set myself some goals. Traveling for as long as I have I found not having goals quickly leads to a feeling of ambivalence and lethargy. While doing nothing has its appeal it soon starts grinding on the soul. So for the last few months i’ve been trying to give myself things to work for and stick to it. With this blog post i’m going to make my December travel plans public. The Continue Reading →


Wow so just had something happen this morning that has kind of had me feeling numb. I had plans to meet up with a friend I have not seen in quite a long time. We were emailing back and forth to figure out where and when we would meet. Then when I woke up this morning I got an email that said.  “Our recent emails made me realize that I want to compartmentalize the memories from that part of my life when I knew you. Also we have only talked Continue Reading →