Buying Antibiotics in India

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  1. ebsen heid says:

    Get better soon, dear nephew, I am counting firmly on seeing you again one day. How about an ayurvedic clinic next December south of Goa? Love to you from a wonderfully clean country. After Bali I can really appreciate it again allthough Bali has it’s own fabulous ways… get well!

    • VelvetLounger says:

      I like your idea of the ayurvedic clinic in December 🙂

      I am feeling much better, but likely still a couple days till 100%. My only real regret is I have missed seeing the sights in Bangalore.

  2. Ron Krejci says:

    Hope you get better soon so you can post more photos.
    I love the market photos.

  3. Rose on a says:

    So, the first time I was in Europe it was Copenhagen, Denmark, and I was rooming with a guy who was really sick. I asked if we should fetch something, and he said if we could hunt down something like Nyquil, that’d be great. I went to a Pharmacy and tried to describe Nyquil and they looked at me like I was nutty and said you’d need a prescription for that. Fast forward 4 years to where I was living in Copenhagen and got sick. I went in, said, do you have anything for a runny nose, and they gave me ephedrine. Weee? I’m told the laws changed a bit in between, so it’s possible that even just describing symptoms and asking for something in ’08 would’ve still ended up with nothing stronger than Ibuprofen.

    Good you got some medicine and seem to be doing a bit better. I’m guessing they’re not antibiotics per se, unless they gave you a week’s worth of stuff?

    • VelvetLounger says:

      Turns out that it wasn’t antibiotics. Which was pretty horrible actually. I ended going back the next day and getting some actual antibiotics but they would only give me enough for three days. However I took them and am now feeling so much better.

  4. VelvetLounger says:

    Most likely it is safe. This guy is reputable in the neighborhood. Things run much differently here.

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