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Nuupan Deluxe Hotel

Review of Nupan Hotel in Keflavik Iceland

I Totally Screwed up This has to be my most extreme screw up of my total time traveling. I thought my flight out of Iceland left at 10am on Tuesday the 15th of August. I was so positive this was my departure day I didn’t feel it necessary to check my itinerary. I didn’t want to have to deal with...

Jökulsárlón at Night

Touring the South Coast of Iceland for two Days

My Experience in the South of Iceland My total travel time in Iceland is one month. That includes two separate volunteer work camps and two completely unsupervised road trips. One to the north end of the country and one along the southern coast. The south of Iceland is much easier to get to than the north. It has a huge...

House on the Beach in Iceland

Travel in Iceland! – With Photo Gallery

What’s travel all about? Whats the difference between travelling, touristing, going on an expedition, or having an adventure? I think the definitions change depend on who is answering the question. Here is the way I define the categories; Tourist – A person who takes a vacation and consumes the culture of their destination. Generally going to a destination resort, staying...