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Bus Trip to Galiano

Bus Trip to the Coast On September 30th I drove my bus from Kingsgate BC to Galiano Island. That’s 827 Kilometers or 514 miles. Fortunately, because this is not a passenger bus, I am able to drive it with my regular drivers licence. However the bus does have brakes so before I drove it anywhere I needed my air brake...

I bought a bus

I bought a Bus! – Motorhome Conversion

What Have I done Since Burning Man? Wow, I’ve been busy since Burning Man 2017 and my not so great experience. Actually, I’ve been pretty busy since I left to go to Iceland in the middle of July. One of the bonus parts of being so busy is i’m reverting to a more normal daily schedule. And by normal I...

@princess___xena Supastar

@princess___xena Supastar (duck toller)

Xena Princess!! Im hanging out with Xena these last few days. We go for drives and walks to play catch and run errands. Xena likes going for drives. @princess___xena Supastar . This video may be updated over time. I plan to add some footage of us playing catch and running around a bit. Xena does the running. Thankfully. Unfortunately I could...