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  1. Steve Kroiss says:

    I had the same thing recently with a friend from HS. I feel like they were being petty, and obviously never really understood me in the first place. There is only so much time in the day, and communicating is a 2 way street. People can just plain get petty. Keep your chin up sir.

  2. You will always be welcome anytime in our home as you are always in our ❤️ Rod & Lynne.

  3. Kenneth Jackson says:

    Sorry to hear that, obviously not a very good friend. Don’t give it another thought they don’t deserve it. Cherish your past memories as though they have passed. Let them live with that…

    • Keir Briscoe says:

      Thanks for the wise words. I will always leave the door open. I don’t know everything going on in their life now so who am I to judge.

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