I bought a Bus! – Motorhome Conversion

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4 Responses

  1. Keir Wow !!! Love the post and you know we love you ( just like the kids. I get mad at you and yell and like the kids you ignor me …Lynne). You also made me cry as I read your post. We know you will enjoy Harley and bring her into the 21th century. Keep the pictures and posts coming
    Love Rod & Lynne

  2. Kevin says:

    Nice blog! Great to see the details of resurrecting this thing. Harley is actually not a bad name (throws people off when you say your ride is a Harley). Although it’s kinda half car half boat, so maybe a more gender neutral (Pat?) Or transgender (Lola?) could work. I trust you’ll find the right name.

    • Keir Briscoe says:

      The story behind the name is that Rod wanted a Harley but they ended up buying the bus instead. So they named it Harley.

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