My travels have started

[countup date=2015/03/02]
I have now been on the road for [dtimer] days.

(I have now been in Victoria since May 15th. Not sure if I should count that as ‘Days on the Road’ or not.)
After all the stress and anxiety of the last 15 years and then getting this adventure started I have been able to do something I thought would never happen. I have done nothing!

Besides doing nothing I have also driven over 9600 km (6000 miles), visited 22 States, and hung out with friends all over the country.

My immediate plan is to drive up the West coast to visit friends in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, B.C.

When the U.S. tour is complete I am staying in Canada for six months in order to get my Canadian residency (and get back on the Canadian medical system). This is required so that I can buy travel insurance. Very important if I am going to travel around the world!

While in Canada I will continue to get rid of my possessions and do research and planning for the world travel portion of my plans. Right now the rough plan is to visit Southeast Asia then work my way westward.

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