Rebooting Earth to Keir

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  1. Heid Endina Ebsen says:

    Hi Keir,

    I am so glad you are going on the road again. You are following your heart and you will see that that is the only satisfying thing in life! Being happy we can also be grateful.

    It seems that we both had a similar year of packing boxes and having emotional bombs (great expression). I just emptied a small condo I have near Munich in order to let it and it contained almost my complete past life. Each item had to be looked at…

    So we know what we are talking about and you are taking off now into a new life and I will be in Bali for 2 months in January and February. India is planned for next year. Maybe me too I should by a backpack. One made of feathers for senior travellers… hi, hi!

    So, big hugs, dear nephew, take care and enjoy. Love from Auntie Heid

  2. Roland Rasmussen says:

    Great to see Earth to Keir rebooted and looking forward to reading your posts and enjoying the pictures you document your travels with here.  It sounds like a great big adventure and you’re so right about plans and serendipity.  I’m sure you will hear from other travelers on the road of side-trips and exciting places while engaged in the travel – stuff you don’t know now – which will be and is what travel is all about.  And all the new faces and guides you meet, new friends found, this will be a major part as you look back on your travels a year from Thursday!

    Good luck Keir! Happy trails.


    “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things”.  ~Henry Miller (from “Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch” an extended essay, albeit Memoir)


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