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Nuupan Deluxe Hotel

Review of Nupan Hotel in Keflavik Iceland

I Totally Screwed up This has to be my most extreme screw up of my total time traveling. I thought my flight out of Iceland left at 10am on Tuesday the 15th of August. I was so positive this was my departure day I didn’t feel it necessary to check my itinerary. I didn’t want to have to deal with...

#roadtripnick and I waiting for our flight at the Chiang Mai airport.

Travel Adventure: Chiang Mai to Vientiane

Travel Adventure: Chiang Mai to Vientiane Today (May 2nd 2016, Yes I am posting this super late!!) I left my awesome apartment in the Santitham neighborhood in Chiang Mai. I’m sad to give it up, but also looking forward to exploring Laos. And so the trip began. The entire time in Chiang Mai I never had reason to take any...