The Plan


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This trip will be done in a couple phases.

Phase 1 – Trip around the US
Phase 2 – Fly in a westerly direction in search of sun

Phase 1 of the grand scheme starts next week. My house is mostly packed up. I am putting some stuff into storage, but the majority of my worldly possessions have been sold off. Heading off into the New England area in February is probably not the best time of year for sightseeing, relaxed driving, or being able to drive with the windows open. Regardless the trip is starting and the hardest part is just to start right?

The goals of the US tour are as follows;

  • Visit friends I have not seen in a while
  • Record interviews for future Youtube channel
  • See parts of the US I have never seen
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Get far enough south so that the air no longer hurts my face

Mostly I have places to stay along the route I have chosen, but I will also be making use of Airbnb and my connections.


Here is a map showing the route with the major stops shown.